Friday, February 3, 2012

Fluffernutter Footballs

We are all excited about the Super Bowl this weekend.  Go Pats!  Honestly, I am not really a football fan, but I still want the Patriots to win, and I always enjoy the commercials.

Most of the football snacks I have seen are not appealing to my little ones, but they LOVE peanut butter and fluff, and the colors work!

I used a football cookie cutter, but it's easy enough to freehand a football shape.

Spread peanut butter on your football shape.  Then add a tablespoon of Fluff to a Ziplock bag, seal the bag, and snip off a corner (tiny snips allow for more controlled piping).

Pipe lines on your football.

I piped those lines while holding the baby who was trying to grab the Fluff bag
out of my hand the whole time, so they are a  little messy!


My Football Book by Gail Gibbons is the perfect book for a child who wants to learn about the game.  I learned a lot from this book!


  1. Go, Patriots!

    How bad is it that I only now found out (from you!) that they are in the Superbowl?

  2. Don't tell my husband but I am secretly rooting for the Patriots. That is, if I cared about such things. ;)

    I'm actually letting him bring the TV out of its dungeon for the evening so he and Kiddo can watch. They owe me.

  3. I love these little sandwiches! We have never used peanut butter and fluff...I'll have to try it! :)
    We are cheering for the Giants!

  4. I don't care for Pats - that is if I cared at all about football :) We are actually going to a birthday party for a boy that is happening during Superbowl. I suppose he is not a football fan and prefers snakes, since his party will have a snake show. But I digress - those snack footballs look almost real!

  5. Another cute idea! Abby wants to make football shaped cookies this weekend. I'm going to make a tray of chocolate chip cookies and I think we have a football cutter. I bought her some white icing to draw the lines on with.

  6. yum! I bet Sammy would love this!! I am a skins fan (they stink.. I know..) that said I'm cheering for the giants :-)

  7. There's a football this weekend? I'm heading out to see Wicked! and totally skipping out on that crazy football stuff.

    So, what do you do with the random bits of leftover bread?