Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's Day Breakfast

This is a very easy breakfast that still manages to wow the kids.

Begin by lightly buttering both sides of a piece of bread.  Then use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut a heart out of the middle of the bread (keep that heart piece though!).

Place the bread (both pieces) in a skillet, and crack an egg into the heart shaped hole.  Add a little salt and pepper if you like.

Once the egg is firm, flip the bread/egg over and cook until the egg is however you like to eat it.  Don't forget to flip the heart bread too.  

Spread strawberry jelly on the heart.  YUM!

Check out the heart shaped eggs made with a mold over at Little Wonders' Days too!

Enjoy while reading Queen of Hearts by Mary Engelbreit.  Ann Estelle makes the most beautiful box to hold her Valentines, but she spends so much time on the box that she forgets to make Valentines for her classmates.  Her creative solution to this problem is very sweet and heartfelt.


  1. Emma would LOVE this! Wonder if we have a heart cookie cutter (should probably acquire one, if not...)

  2. Great breakfast idea!
    My kids don't eat eggs! :( Why????

  3. This is too funny! Who would think to do heart shaped eggs on the same day. I love, love how you did your eggs and now I want some! Thanks for the blog mention...I'm going to go put a link on my post back to you now.

    Little Wonders' Days

  4. LOOOOVE this (I have that same platter too :)) Please take a minute and link this to my Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land children's activity party!!

  5. Abby hates eggs, but this looks so yummy to me! How do you cook yours? My Memaw used to make me eggs like this, but once when I was pregnant, she made me one and it wasn't done all the way. I haven't eaten a fried egg since!

  6. Jeff said his parents made these growing up and they called them "Toad in the Hole."

  7. Oh, egg in the hole is my favorite. Anna is starting to get more adventurous with eggs - it's worth trying it out. Unfortunately, I won't be here for Valentine's Day :(

  8. That is so crazy... I made this exact thing this morning, right down to the strawberry jelly! It was a huge hit.