Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Truffula Trees and Brown Bar-ba-loots - The Lorax Snack

We are looking forward to seeing The Lorax soon.  I hope it's good, and I really hope it stays true to the book.  I LOVE that Danny Devito does the voice of the Lorax - how perfect!!!!

We have been reading The Lorax on the iPad this week because we couldn't get our hands on the book.  Honestly, we are loving the convenience of having the book on the iPad!!!

To make our book themed snack, I used:

  • watermelon sherbet
  • orange sherbet
  • chocolate wafer cookies, and
  • Teddy Grahams
I placed one scoop of each flavor of sherbet on a plate and made swirls in the ice cream using a fork.  The wafer cookies became trunks, and the Teddy Grahams are the obvious choice for the Brown Bar-ba-loots!

Do you plan on seeing the movie?  I read Teacher Tom's concerns about the movie today, and he really made me think; he has many valid points!  Little Wonders' Days posted a great craft and educational activity to go along with the book/movie.  Finally, click here for directions on how to make your own Lorax mustache.

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  1. Cute! This reminds me we have tree seeds to plant from ihop.

  2. Love this snack! It's brilliant!

  3. I like the snack. We will not be seeing it. I have never liked Dr. Seuss books, as he put a lot of political junk in them. Even before I knew of the political side, I couldn't stand how they read. LOL!

  4. This is such a cute snack. The Teddy Grahams are very clever. Thanks for the blog mention.
    Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

  5. Such a cute snack!! I think we will see it when it come out on DVD. Sammy isn't a huge fan of seeing things in the theater (too loud for him).

  6. Yummy! Did you know that Dr. Seuss Birthday is tomorrow. Looks fun!

    Rebecca aka LEAH

  7. Those swirls look so cute! I LOVE them!

    I agree Danny DeVito will be awesome in it.

  8. This is awesome! Definitely in our future ;) Someday in the distant future we may see the movie...but for now, I just wanna enjoy The Lorax with my kiddos as Dr Seuss created him ;)

  9. I love the Lorax, and Anna is slowly warming up to it. They had a 2 week long Dr Seuss unit in school with focus on The Lorax. We discussed on whether to see the movie - Anna has never been to the movie theater before. Eventually we decided to rent it when it comes out on DVD or Blu Ray.