Monday, August 13, 2012

School Bus Cake

I made this cake for my kids two years ago on the first day of school.  They loved it.  It may reappear this year.  My kids still have a few weeks before the school bus returns.

You can find directions to make this school bus cake on the Family Fun magazine website.  They make it look easy, and their cake is much prettier.

One of our favorite school bus books is The Haunted Ghoul Bus by Lisa Trumbauer.

You can't help but laugh at the silliness of a boy getting on the wrong bus and finding himself surrounded by spooky creatures.  This book is fun for laughs at the beginning of the school year (as long as your child is secure enough to know that he or she will not end up in this predicament!) and will last right through to Halloween.

For a more traditional school bus book, check out School Bus by Donald Crews.

When my children were preschool age, we read this book over and over again.

Do you have a favorite school bus book?


  1. I remember that and it was adorable!

  2. This is really cute. I like to have a fun snack like this on the first day of school.
    Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

  3. Love the cake - brings back memories from your blog 2 years ago :) We are really looking forward to the first day of school next Monday!