Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rush Hour Junior

My middle two kids (8 and almost 7) have been in a revolving door of viruses the past few weeks.  One of the things that has kept them entertained is a game that is new to us, Rush Hour Junior.

See that yellow bag?  All of the pieces go in there for storage - LOVE it!

This is the perfect one player game for kids who like puzzles and mazes (my 8 year old).  The game comes with a traffic grid, plastic cars, and forty cards.  There are four levels of play, from beginner to expert, with cards providing puzzles for each level.  The player selects a card and then arranges the cars as shown on the card.  The object is always to move the ice cream truck out of traffic by moving the other cars out of the way.  If the player gets stuck, solutions are printed on the back of the cards.

They have had so much fun with this game that I had to recommend it here.  We have never played the original Rush Hour, have you?  What are some of your favorite games for kids?


  1. I love this game too! I play it on my phone :-)

  2. I have not played this before. I'll have to see if Abby is interested in it.

  3. I don't own either game, but this one has been on my radar for a while. Maybe I'll get it for Emma's birthday. We always give the kids one gift that is just for them and one to share. This sounds like a good "to share" choice.

  4. Sorry everyone has been sick for a while. We have a similarly designed older game called Lunar Lockout. Anna likes it "in principle", but frustrated when she cannot solve the puzzle in the first couple of tries. She is not a "stick with it" type. We also have Rush Hour on iPad - Lars and I enjoy it.