Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blow Painting Monster Science

The kids and I had a quick science lesson that included an art project and a snack.  We blew air out of our mouths and then blew air through straws comparing the difference in pressure.  We learned that forcing air through a narrow opening makes a high pressure jet that can be directed more easily.

First, I put two blobs of watered down paint on paper and let the kids compare blowing the paint around on the paper with just their mouths and then through a straw.

When the paint dried, they used markers to add monster details.

I love the high heeled lipstick wearing monster!!!!!!!!!

Next, we used two kinds of pudding thinned with milk to do the same experiment.

Candy eyes and m&m candies turned the pudding blobs into monsters.

To go along with our scientific monster art and snack, we read  I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll.

When a young boy looks under his bed to find his monster, he finds a note saying the monster is away for a week.  The boy interviews several substitutes, but his monster is the only one that does the job right.  We all enjoyed this book.  I thought it might be scary, but the friendship between the boy and his monster is perfect to ward off any fears.

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  1. I've seen that book, but we haven't read it. It looks very cute.

  2. Great idea of combining art and science. We read this book - luckily, Anna didn't deem it too scary, but she wasn't particularly interested in it either.

  3. That book looks so cute! I think when I've done that I just hadn't watered it down enough, because I had ZERO luck with it.

  4. Oh, and forgot to say, LOVED that first monster.

  5. Thai looks like super duper fun!