Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nursery Rhyme Snack Plate

Blueberries = Little Boy Blue (a.k.a. Detective Blue)
Cracked hard boiled egg = Humpty Dumpty
Dish and a spoon (of course) - we didn't let them run away though
Whipped cream with marshmallow/chocolate chip face and pretzel legs = Mary's lamb and Little Bo Peep's sheep
Pretzel sticks and Nutella = the spider that scared Little Miss Muffet
Oatmeal = porridge

Detective Blue by Steve Metzger is such a clever book.  Little Boy Blue is all grown up and working as a detective now.  When Little Miss Muffet disappears, he takes the case.  He questions Jack Sprat, Little Bo Peep, Humpty Dumpty, and other nursery rhyme/fairy tale characters in his attempt to solve the case.  The nursery rhyme references are all fun.  As we read the book, we paused to recite each of the nursery rhymes.  You will probably recognize the illustrations as the work of Tedd Arnold; they were perfect for this book.


  1. I keep forgetting I want to pick that book up.

    I love Jasper Fforde's books for adults bout Nursery Rhymes. Amusing mysteries, if you like British humor.

  2. I'm not sure my children would recognize all those rhymes - but what a fun way to introduce them!

  3. This is so very clever! I will look for this book!

  4. How cute! And that book sounds very clever!

  5. This is adorable, Christy! I want to do this for Jesse and Jack soon. I love it!