Friday, January 6, 2012

Owl Sandwich and Owl Pancakes

This is a repeat post from Superheroes and Princesses.  I am slowly, but surely, moving all of my fun food posts from that blog to this blog!

This is last year's owl sandwich:

and owl pancakes:

Our new owl sandwich didn't change too much; actually, if I had remembered, I would have included the Cheerios, but I completely forgot about them.  So, the only real change is the addition of apple circles.

I cut the owl shape out of a slice of bread and covered it with peanut butter.  To make the eyes, I cut circles out of apple slices with my smallest biscuit cutter, and then placed banana circles on top of those and used raisins as the pupils.  The beak is a cashew.

Two of our favorite owl books are:

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen - In this book, a young girl goes owling with her father.  C and R both enjoyed this book, but I LOVED it.  Seriously, I felt transported into the woods on this cold, dark evening and I could see the moon, feel the cold air, and hear the echo.  I want to go owling now!

One Odd Old Owl by Paul S. Adshead is a tongue-twisiting, rhyming, repeating, puzzle story about a snoring owl that is disturbing a sleepy snail.  The snail asks more and more birds to wake the owl, to make the snoring stop, and the results are very funny!  We all enjoyed this book.  The illustrations alone are incredibly beautiful, and every time you read this book, you will discover a different layer of fun.